Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire men to be more proactive and involved fathers, while carving a space in the baby world for Dads to connect in their shared joy.

  • A Purpose

    We're carving a space for healthy masculinity and present fatherhood in a space that is dominated by mum stuff, opening the door, and welcoming you in.

  • A Belief

    A belief that the ability to meet fathers where they're at leads to having a greater impact.
    A belief that fathers have an innate need to connect with their babies, and that society often holds them back.
    A belief that f*cking up doesn't have to lead to giving up.
    A belief that fatherhood should be celebrated.

  • A Story

    The birth of Infantry Baby is a story of bromance, admiration, and love for an exceptionally good friend Dave, and his sharing the news of his impending first child. Click HERE to read our story