Our Core Values

Our Core Values

We were asked a short while ago what our values were as a company. We have had them loosely written down in many forms as to the reasons behind Infantry Baby being born and what we were aiming to inspire in father's but honestly hadn't ever narrowed the list down to a succinct and direct list 🤷🏽‍♀️

Developing the list of values that underpins Infantry Baby took us a lot longer than we would like to admit. As there was such a personal reason behind the brand's birth and the values we wanted to inspire in men on their journey into fatherhood the list developed rapidly and become as full as a dictionary, fast!

But we knew we needed a clear vision to act as guiding principles not just as a representation as to what we do but as our gutter rails guiding us down the alley along the business journey to keep check on how we act along the way.

Below are our 4 Values, AKA, our promise to ourselves, and our promise to society 👌


If establishing a value list is something you would like to do in your life below is a link to download a simple values list exercise with 3 simple walk through instructions ✌



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