Our Story

*Jason, the founder

Hi, Jason here the founder of Infantry Baby.

The birth of the brand is a story of bromance, admiration, and love for an exceptionally good friend Dave, and his sharing the news of his impending first child.

He was ecstatic, (well, as ecstatic as Dave gets) to be able to even be sharing this news because Dave had previously been through 9 intensive rounds of chemotherapy and due to its side effects, he was beginning to accept the likelihood of not raising a child of his own.

So, when he shared with me the great news, I began to search high and low. I wanted to find a great product and brand to celebrate. A great gift for a father celebrating fatherhood.

But the carriers and brands that were out there just weren’t up to what we wanted out of life. They were cute and cuddly, mild-mannered, and white picket fence’y.

We wanted Bold and adventurous, built for purpose and father-focused.

So in 2015 the journey began. Fastforward to 2020 and in the depth of the global coronavirus I finally launched Infantry Baby with a simple mission: create the best products and brand to inspire men to be more proactive and involved fathers, specifically designed to enhance, and nurture the relationship.

I’m pumped about the response from the community and that I wasn’t the only one looking for Infantry Baby. Making this the brand of choice for Dads of all flavours, whether they be outdoor, part-time, the tradesman all the way to the full-time Dads. This is our adventure we will not waiver on. It is the fire in our hearts that rips us out of bed.

Ultimately, life is about having an adventure, spending time with those you love, and giving back to the world in the way you can.

Our aim is for fatherhood to not just be a challenging life stage, but an adventurous lifestyle.

*Dave, the inspiration