The birth of a baby brand, Ep 1 👶

The birth of a baby brand, Ep 1 👶

The truth behind the concept of Infantry is that it come about some 5 years ago in 2015 ✌😅

It was a desire to find something to give to a very close friend sharing the great news that his partner was pregnant with his first child which was a small miracle of its own for many reasons.

One of the ironies in the foundation is the name, Infantry.... The name was one of the very first things I was solid on. It's just that the name wasn't initially Infantry 🙊

Through the attempt of trademarking the initial name and facing the very real possibility of legal action by a worldwide financial giant we had to pivot, fast 😣

Then like an absolute lightening bolt of what now seems unbelievably obvious, Infantry smacked me in face and here we are 🤘😄
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