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Infantry Baby

Infantry Baby Bundle: Carrier + Backpack

Infantry Baby Bundle: Carrier + Backpack

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Dads get the job done, and so do we.

A Dad bundle for your joy bundle

Get by without dropping a nappy

Babies: They can't walk, they're always hungry, they poop often, and they have no social etiquette. So parents need a way to carry their baby - and a whole lot of other stuff - without losing full autonomy of their hands.

Well, we've got you dads covered (literally, this will cover your whole torso) with our Infantry bundle, which consists of our baby carrier and our modular backpack. It even includes a hand dandy changing mat.


  • Hands-free baby carrying: Between the carrier and the backpack, you're sorted. You can keep your hands free for other stuff, like cuddles and taking badass selfies.
  • Modular design: The carrier and the backpack can be worn separately, or attached securely. You got options, boys.
  • Adjustable fit: The carrier is fully adjustable to your size and shape, even if you've got a massive frame.
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