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Infantry Baby

Infantry Baby Carrier For Men

Infantry Baby Carrier For Men

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No duckies. No florals. It's baby stuff, but it's manly. So manly.

A Baby Carrier for the Boys

Yep, this exists.

It’s made for big boys, trim boys, and everything-in-between boys, so that you can comfortably strap your baby (boy or girl) to your body without dislocating your back bones.  

You don’t have to be tough and rugged, but this baby carrier is. Also, you’ll look like a badass wearing it.


  • Good to go for babies 3.6kg to 16kg.
  • Built in sun shield protects your squishy baby from Aussie UV rays.
  • Removable inner lining makes it easy to clean any whoopsies.
  • Fully customisable MOLLE webbing on front and rear panels.
  • Multiple adjustment points: it’ll fit your body and your baby, no matter what shape you are.
  • Durable but soft fabric built for comfort: non-rashy.
  • Rear backplate supports that oldfella back, and broad panels keep weight evenly distributed as your baby grows.
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