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Infantry Baby

Infantry Modular Backpack

Infantry Modular Backpack

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Built for combat the park and the changing table.

A backpack for Baby Stuff

But manly.

Something you figure out right quick as a new parent is that babies need stuff, and lots of it.

You've got your nappies, your wipes, your ointments, your blankies and hats and bibs and sunscreen and snacks and toys and bottles and... oh my!

Yeah. You're gonna need a Dad bag. This one's good:

  • It's modular. You can wear it as a backpack on its own, or you can attach it securely to the Infantry Baby Carrier (which also helps you carry something important)
  • The size is just right. You can fit everything you need into the one main easy access compartment without making it awkward for yourself.
  • A nappy changing mat is included. This is the dream item that you never knew you need until you've tried to change your baby at the park without one. It's in an easy-access zip side compartment so you won't need to scramble to find it, and is large enough and soft enough to protect that little bum-bum as they grow.
  • The MOLLE webbing basically means the whole thing is covered in strong, durable straps. So it's perfect if you'd like to clip, tie or secure anything extra on there. You know you will.
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